The greatest Czar emperor

     The greatest Czar emperor
Russia was ruled for a long time by Czar emperors .Allmost all of them were arrogant ,adamennt ,and luxurious .They did not care the people .People suffered a lot under their rule .At last their patience came to an end to take reveng e.People succeeded in ending The unbearable Czar rule .but among the them was a great emperor .the only one who looked for the welfare of the people .He was Peter.People called him Peter the great .He brought many revilutionary changes for  the benefit of his subjects .Let us know his contribution for the advance ment in  Russia .
                 The first thing in his military revolution was ship building .It was called naval revolution .It paved way for new economic life in that country .Botek that us little boat came into rxistence .War made the state e made the war .Peter introduced secularization .In 1722 he established some systems for the men who aspire The crown .He set up a well organized police state .Absolute  monarchy was set.After his death Russia became a full member of the European system of sovereign state .
           He introduced new ways of dressdepartment ,communications navigation building gardening gunnery ,drawing ,computions measuring sculpting writing visualisung .He brought many qualitative3 changes in building art .He introduced oil based painting ,naturalism ,Renaissaner art Bizantic tradition ,printed strips ,screw press .All those were revolutionary ,new ideas .By the year 1719 The usage of paper was increased to 8000reams .He could enhance skill in Arithmatic astronomy ,military tacticws .and in navigation .
               Peter brought out Arifimetica a  mathematics book in printing ,.In the same year he got Vedomosti ,a gazette printed .He also published manuscript bulletins .In the country of russia Gazette was the first printed news paper .
    He bought 600 nautical terms from other languages .He enriched vocabulary .He borroed dozens of commercial,industrial words for usageLike  book ,bank ,banker book keeper .He adopted names for flowers and fruits also /.
These things paved way for cultural revolution nd historic significance .in Russia .saint Peter ‘s Burg Academy of sciences was the epitome of this verbal revolution .Scientific library and collection of scientific specimen s and instruments were his acts of vision .He manufacture important medicines .So hwas called The ather of Russian Medicine .
                Peter wasthe first Russian ruler to learn the rudiments ofmodern medicine and surgery to observe medical procedures first hand /.In1697 he visited Hallang hospital .He had heard medical lectures in The University of Lirden .In 1717 he ordered to get anatomicalcollections of Ruzschis .He recruited 50 surgeons from Holland .He kept dr.Nicholas Bidloo for the construction of hospital in Russia .In peter;s rule Russia was pothecary office in Moscow.
         he admitted Europeans in Petersburg  academy of sciences .He also established Academy of Fine Arts in `757 .Young people were trained in science and foreign languages .The great city St Peters burg was named after him .In his life time Peterburg academy stood first in the world .THat was The great contributiun Of Peter .So he is still rememberd as Peter The Great .
        Peter was born on May 30 in 1672 In 1969 He became sole monarch of his dynasty as all the heirs died .IN 1700 HE ADOPTED eUROPEAN CALENDER(jULIAN )
    In 1716hehe proclimedRussia as a military state .In1716 he went for Europe for a second trip .In 1721 heproclaimed him self as Eperor .In 1722 he fought a war with Persia .He completed first Universal census for male .He married Catherene in !1712 andmade her empress in1724 ,Peter breathed his last on January 28 in 1725 .He survived only for fifty three years .Hisworks are still rememberd
                                                   Gabbita Durga      

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