Norbert WEIner

Norbert WEIner

In this essay I want to give some of the predictions of weiner that came true .He was the architect for artficial arms and legs .Bose was the scientist who succes fully completed .Weiner suggested Bose to amputate with high amputatio .Then In boston arm project stared .Boston arm was a coup of cibernetics and a vivid demonstration of the power of  science to foster man-machine interactions with tangible benefits for pepples daily lives ..Thus Weiner’smishap of his fall into a victory for the handi capped /.

                     Weiner had been steeped and tempered in all the world;s scientificn traditions .He had distinguished himself and his country Anericaon the stage of international science In 1964 he was awarded the highest honour ”National Medal Of Science”President Johnson presented the award in the White House .He praised that Weiner;s versatile contri butions were profoundly original ranging within  pure and applied mathematics and penetrating boldly into the engineering and biological sciences

               Weiner died pn March 18 in 1864 in Sweden On june second his ashes were brought to Boston and memorial service was conducted T M.I T .under the supervisionof svami Sarvagataananda .sanskrit slokas Bhagavadgita were read by allhis admirers.All the saints attended gave tave great trbute  for his Uniersal Humanism .

          Weiner thought a lot to use cibernetcs for peaceful purposes .He was genious par excellence .He hoped to bring inter isciplinary reserch in the field .He tried hard for cross coltural cooperatinbetween super powers .He sincerely tried for open communications .All the results shold be shared by all the people was his main ambition .

           After 1970cibernetics in West slowed .So his name was also in the shadow .he warned the world on many issues.If the countries do not heed him disaster take place .no dobt .In1960 American industry came into the grip of automatic .10 lack people lost jobs .In 1970 micro chip technology came into existence .Stampede was the esult of it .As aresult workerless society came .These are all Weiner;s predictions .

            As weiner envisaged many changes occupid in brain sciences .New neuro transmitter molecules came into existence .Blood circulation from brain to the blood streams became easy .From medical cibernetics identification ofdesease became very easy.

      Weiner predicted that living materials would by 1984  be used as part of computers -complexnuecleoacids that carry genetic information in living cells would be used in machines .it came true .As per his vision new laser and fiberoptic technologies had made pf optical computing an every day reality .


   Weiner predicted that the coming ecade will have mineature computers .He also said solid state devices will replace vacuum tubes .he predicted wireless phones and feedback loops also .He said digitalwill seem a bit dull .The discarded analog  paradigm will again be the wave of the future . He also predicted for instantaneou serf organige systems .World Wide Web is Weiner;s dream which we are enjoying a lot .

               weiner showed the errors of running an information  society on the basis of matter and enrgy principles and economicc values .

         Weiner warned that electronic and biological technologies should not go beyond the control of man .      so our essential aim should be to build a global society on a univesal base of human values or that they would createa world in which technology will take control by default and human beings as we have known them ,and life itself will” not survive .Weiner is not a mathematical genius but also a social visionary as well .This the world never forget .He is brilliant and muli talented visionary .Weiner isfundamental to an understanding of the inter sectional technology and culture in the tenty first century sayFlo Conway and Siegleman the authors of his biography                             

                                                                              Gabbita Durga Prasad


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