amercan presidents –their wits

any man who hasthe jobI have and did not have a sense3 of humour would not still be here   said President Truman Ambrose Beece defined “‘The grused pig in the field game of American Politics ”
Laughter and liberty go well together -so do homour and perspective  especially where human fraulties are concernad    sai Lincoln
He also said “”It has been my experience that folks who have no vices generally have very few virtoes ”
He also added ”If I didnot laugh ,I should die and you need this medicine as much as I do ”
Teddy Roose welt defined laoghter as an anti dote to tears .Eisen Hower always says that  he is Kansas and that he says ”A chicken may hatch in the oven but still they are not biscuits .”
Abe Lincoln is great humorist ..Once he said ”The only blood I had shed in defence of my country ,I was to mosquitoes ”
Once Lincoln said that tact was the ability to describe others as as they see themselves .
Lincoln saya “‘true patriotism is more holy than false piety ”
Once Lincoln sufferd ”Now I have some thing I can every body ”.
incoln once declared”I do not know who mmy grand father was –i am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be ”
Once a senator asked Lincoln to drop MC Collaan from thepost of millitary general >Then Lincoln  asked The senator then who woldlead ‘the senatorrepied””any body ”.then lincoln gave him a strong reply very punjently ”Any body will do for you ,but not for me ..Imust have somebody ”
  President Raegan defined “‘an economist is some one who sees some thing happen in practice and wonder  if it do not work in theory ”
In raegan”s opinion a communist is some one who reads Marx and Lenin .A non communist is one who undestands Marx and Lenin .
Once in atlete meet an atlete threw hammer and set world record .He was a soviet native .Raegan sai d immediately “”give me your sickle >I will throw it more distance than you did ”That is the enmity between him and Russia .
Once raegan was asked “”what did you think of Tu Tu ?”‘.he said So so ”in short cut .
President Coolidge was miser “”I favour the policy of economy ,not because I wish to save money ,but because I wish to save my people ”
President Truman “‘I have found the best way to give advice to your children —-is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it ”
In olden days In america almost all doctors were barbers ,on this President Wilson commented jocularly “They are really barbanians ”.
President Gari Field “”A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck ”said about pulling aperson for the top most position un knowing his ability
Once President Jefforson cpmmented ”I have seen no evidence that mens honesty increased with their riches ”
Great novelist  and trend setter American literature Mark Twain once declared him self to be  a greater man than President Washington ,because Washington could not tell alie and he could .
                                                                              collected by gabbita durga prasad

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