Wondering wonders

      Wondering wonders
    1-Mangolians never get down of their horses .They never take away their feet from their shoes
     2-The great philosopher Confusious alwys feared death .He kept weeping at the word death .
Such an impractical phelosopher he was .
3–In future days all the people in America have to settle only in cars .
4-Burning of fire was started 4lack 50thpusands years ago .
5-Human race might have emerged in North Himalayas
6-The emperor of China was Quinn .He got constuctd thousands of army men statues uf clay sto take them along with him to the heaven >He had them buried in deep sand
7-he conquered all the countries and made China un cunquerable .
8-He standardised lawsweights carriage widths ,measures ,money and the mass of written characters .He had built good roads and irrigation canals .razed hills and filled valleys .He built the Great wall of CHina .He made many laws for the cultural renaiscence inChina .
9-He ,at the age of 46 buried 260 confusios scholars alive .Someof them were buried neck deep .Heordered his army to cut their throats with sharp knives .It was the barbarious act in the whole of histiry .
10-He burnt all the books of Confusious in the country but did not touch touch those books in his own library >What a wonderful kinghe was !
11-when The great wall of China was under constuction thousandsof labour died .Sume estmate millions lost their lives .He killed 4lack prisoners .The people belonged to his mother and their relatives and the men opposed him were all killed brutally .That wasw a great massacre in the history .
12-In Russiawhen Stallin was the ruler in the year 1934 to export food grains from Russia Stallin killed ten million farmers .He was such a cruel ruler Thosands of horses were massacred cruelly .
13 in Chinaalso 72 million ppeople were killed for the same purpose .The great Leap policy also was the cause for another 32 million peoples death of hunger ;.
14 –n1994 Rwandan Hutus killed 8 lack Tutesis population in 10 days
              all these things were extensively discussed in the book ”For the time Being ”written by Anne Dillard
                                        f .They are facts to the fullest exten or your information the above are facts recorded in history They are neither wonders nor jokes they are facts to the fullest extent .
                                                        గబ్బిట దుర్గా ప్రసాద్ 

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